Armed Forces Day

Fred Thompson Update #1: Armed Forces Day is extended (on this site) through the weekend! Seems fitting that I announce the need for this new 2008 Commander in Chief. He wants you to see his opponent's positions, first. As soon as he announces his Presidential bid; it will be all about their efforts to stop him! (But hey...His honesty is unbeatable!)
Click on his image to view a well-circulated Music Video , you will enjoy!

Fred, we love you!

UPDATE #2: Not to speak for Pirates Cove's choice of 2008 Commander in Chief; but you don't want to miss his Pinup for today! :)

Armed Forces Day Post:
I don't care how may disagree with this war...Today is a day that we show support for our military who risk their lives because they know that the threat of terrorism throughout the world, will not just "go away by itself."
...Armed Forces Day...
God Bless our troops, completion of a mission, & safe return to America!

-Sheikh Hussein al-Tamimi: Tribal Leaders Turn on Qaeda
-J D and Outsidethewire: Building A Police Force
"This would be the first time Iraqi police officers from the Civil Camp police station walked the beat at night without Soldiers and Marines at their side."
-Read all by Michael Yon: and donate
-Instapundit reports on: This!

March 23, 2007 Absolutely Worth It .
"But I don't feel guilty over wanting Saddam Hussein gone, and I am certainly not guilty of what his loyalists and what the jihadists and death squads have done to Iraq since his ouster...

I don't answer for other Iraqis, or for the Americans who too have sacrificed so much. I answer for myself as a war supporter, a war enabler, and a continuing believer: Yes, it was worth it."
read more
Continuing to protect you 24-7...
Click-image-View: "NATO Alliance"
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