What's Next, the Spanish Andalusia?

Al-Qaeda seeks to expand its operations
I guess a lot of confidence comes from pulling off an attack by which there is no retaliation...(Re: The attack in Algeria last week.)
Although some say that they expected this bombing; Hassan Hattab, one of the organization’s former chiefs, questioned turning Algeria into another Iraq, and returning Algeria back to the dark days of the 1990s civil war. #

Here they are below... the Spanish Security Service ...Alerting the government of Madrid, and reporting activity of North-African wing of Al-Qaida in Spanish territory...Their message to Madrid...
(Spain and France would be under the threat)
L'Espagne et la France seraient sous la menace

Why Algerian extremists ‘rebranded’ GSPC
According to Mr Layachi, the literature of the GSPC, once exclusively anti-regime, is now laced with calls for jihad against the US, and particularly France, the former colonial power in Algeria...
"Algerian trained recruits from Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Mauritania and Nigeria, they believe that al-Qaeda has provided the group with a broader agenda for recruitment in a region where people are influenced by Muslim causes...

One in particular? “To reconquer formerly Moslem areas such as Spanish Andalusia." #Read this: Excerpt below!
And just how do they propose to sedate America and Great Britain in the meantime, should they plan to attack and reconquer these areas?
Evidently, they thought of that already...
Al-Qaeda plans 'Hiroshima' for Great Britain.

More on the Andalusia, from Robert at Jihadwatch:
Fitzgerald: The persistent myth of Andalusia
"Islamic Spain was far from being a paradise. Cordoba was no "ornament of the world." Maimonides had to flee the city because of the persecution of the Almohads, but as Andrew Bostom points out in his "The Corrosive Hagiography of Muslim Spain," even before the Alhomads the treatment of non-Muslims was dismal.

When the Jewish viziers Samuel ibn Naghrela and his son Joseph were both murdered, and then the entire Jewish community of Grenada was massacred as well – yes, in Grenada, home of the "Alhambra" of which Washington Irving sung -- it was not something without deep Islamic roots."
Then, I'm sure you will want to read this...Taheri: French rioters calling for reorganization of France into separate religious enclaves

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