Media Fiction: Conduits of Censorship

Democracy is inseparable with ones Integrity; so Freedom of Expression need not be challenged by the need for investigative journalists to voluntarily raise their standards... Often "the race to print" inspires errors...And trust in anonymous sources often 'by-pass' the importance of securing an upfront compact, prior to publishing...

A voluntary raise in the standards by which we rely upon accuracy, not only to instill good faith...But because this very low standard for accuracy today, is a contributor to a wider range of censorship found throughout the World... (Especially where the propensity for sectarian conflicts, are prevalent.)
IDEA: 'Track record' media rating at bottom of each news article.

And, thank you to Reporters Without Borders (Below)

Online censorship
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Western MSM is dependant upon "sensationalism", while stories which instill the promise to promote peace, fall by the way-side...
View an Enlightening Article by Arab News, which shows hope ...

Only then, can the World begin to trust and overcome its need to clamp down to avoid regional destabilization. Essential Freedoms are the foundation of Integrity.
Another Enlightening Article by Munir Daair: by: Gulf News

Showing a present-day predicament

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