2007- 12: Disintegrating Laws of Earth

A sad and reoccurring theme... The world's impoverished face drought... Hundreds of thousands, desperately huddle together in prayer; the rains soon come, and wash them out to sea...The power of the energy we share 'in unity' is never to be underestimated...
And so the world over...
Electromagnetic multi-consciousness, continues to manifest...
Click-to read Somali's Pledge from Revolution of 1969
Today their fear and hopelessness contributes to their plight, as they become vulnerable to militants...We continue to try, with blood of soldiers and billions of dollars, to lift them out. They are truly caught in a war-grid...

Please take a moment out to send positive thoughts, a meditation of safety and Prayer to thousands of innocent of Somalia...And visualize the Bloodless Revolution that they (together as part of our world's innocent) have yet to manifest...#

We are but bands of encompassing energy, holding the Earth grids together...By example we join our energies, with a responsibility to continue to strive for balance and protection of ALL Earth's innocent...#

Along with Nature's Laws of Earth, Man's Laws seem to collapse in every region, now. There is a feeling of impatience, and subconscious fear of shift.

First...An elliptical-shaped gravity field has been the source of our story, project and miracles...Experienced on a different level; as earth plates begin to slip, the earth crust further cracks, amidst an ominous 'polar shift'...We see that, today, not one single authority can singularly hold their agreements long enough to embrace and protect our world's innocent! No one is in charge!

Plato (427-347 BC) recognized the patterns of the grids. He devised a theory regarding his belief that the earth's basic structure evolved from a simply geometric shape to more complex geometric shapes. These shapes became known as the platonic solids. Including: cube (4), tetrahedron (3), octahedron (8), dodecahedron (12), icosahedron(20).
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So too, Plato, in his Timeaus associated each shape with one of the elements, earth, fire, air, ether, and water. The earth's energy grid from the beginnings of its evolutionary course has evolved through each of these shapes to what it is today. Each shape, superimposed, one upon the other to create a kind of all encompassing energy field...This explains the "together" consciousness, and ability to manifest...

Disruption of harmony and Earth Changes...
Look! Even the:
Buddhist monks clash in Cambodia amid anti-Vietnam protest!
We experience the World's divisions on every continent...As the vacuum of groups hold hatred, while slipping in-between efforts to help the World's innocent!

If the World's destitute were not living in Fear and helplessness, they would immediately rise above!...I wish members of our country would allow the Earth's natural healing to hold faith and resolve, and see how a state of disunity is very much a part of the Disintegrating Laws of Earth...

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