Saudi Ambassador Speaks of Diplomacy

Prince Turki al-Faisal –Jan 07; Kansas
*Media Credit: Catrina Rawson
He spoke of US and Saudi history, when Saudi Arabia was inundated with offers to deal for oil from many world powers, including England and France. But due to the lack of U.S. colonialism; the kingdom of Saudi Arabia chose to deal with the United States…

He spoke about the good relationship of Roosevelt and Aziza, and later...
The misconceptions, and the healing of broken relations... of 9-11. And as Lola Shrimplin describes the Jan. 2007 lecture at the 147th Landon (Kansas)

Prince Turki al-Faisal told an audience of 1,000:
"It is worth it every time a Saudi talks with an American."
As former Saudi Ambassador to the US, Prince Turki never forgot the chief duty and characterization of the title of 'Diplomat.' As a result, he helped America grow and heal, when many held confusion. Amidst these difficult times we have a better understanding of the threats of terror, we both face.

Lola Shrimplin reports of Questions which were posed to the Prince, such as how to handle the violence in Iraq, and discussions of Lebanon...(to which Saudi Arabia has donated $1.1 billion in aid, and Islamic bank has donated $250 million for social services and basic infrastructure.)

And concerning Iraq…Saudi Arabia called on the Arab League to help quell the violence and keep it from spreading. The Arab League, a peace organization composed of 22 Middle Eastern countries, is also in Baghdad trying to get the different groups to overcome their differences.
The Prince replied...
"It is ultimately up to the individual states to control the violence in their own countries...We have to put our own houses in order." #

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