Sarkozy: Ensemble tout Devient Possible

"Together all Becomes Possible."
Presidential Candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is winning the hearts of French Society! For decades, leaderships of France have 'maintained status-quo', while setting aside difficult situations. This inevitably leads to a weakened French culture...

Not afraid to speak-out against policies, should they design to weaken; Sarkozy reflects upon the dire topics facing French Society, as a genuine statesman and defender of French culture and civilization, today...
Reut: Philippe Wojazer (3.1.07) Bordeaux
Caption: Candidate Nicolas Sarkozy denounced the excesses of ecology in front of several thousands of people, at a public meeting in Bordeaux! Story
“One will not save humanity by making ecology a totalitarian ideology, which would be given for objective to release the man of civilization to return it in a wild state”...

He said, "I refuse that one summon the man to choose between the growth and the respect of the environment...I want economic progress in the respect of planet, and it is possible!"

Imagine... France is forming a healthy and protective government, right when the new US Congress seeks to control & decapitate America's protections...
A great article by Stefan Simons :

Sarkozy's Rendezvous With Destiny
"Invoking the "faces of France" - a panorama of resistance fighters, writers and politicians - and standing up for the separation of church and state in combination with "full respect for all religions." He appealed to the rule of law and to morality - and he repeatedly referred back to the past, citing Victor Hugo, Emile Zola and George Clemenceau. The result: Sarkozy appeared as a genuine son of the grande nation...

Family, education, property, hard work, authority were his keywords. Sarkozy's ideal France is a country "where students get up when the teacher enters the room" -- a "real republic" where people are rewarded in according to merit and where "everyone has rights, but duties too." A republic of equality, but not of artificial equalizing" -Full story.

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