Iraq: Defusing the Crisis...We Hope

Good News re: the crisis in the Middle East...
According to Raghida Dergham: An Arab package, constructed by prominent leaders, is on its way to completion...And hoped to be released in May...

Containing breakthrough proposals (and prior) by key and influential States, it is poised to radically contribute to bail out the region from a looming disaster and save the US and its reputation that has been stained by the war in Iraq...
Raghida describes it as:
Pulling the Palestinian Cause Out of the Iranian
Maneuvers and Syrian Guardianship Arena
One of the most important elements of these new approaches is removing the Palestinian Cause from the Iranian maneuvers and Syrian guardianship, and putting the Cause before the Palestinian people, instead of keeping it as a slogan and pretext to stir up conflicts and extremism.
This a major and key requirement, the importance of which must be grasped by the US administration and the Israeli government, who must also play an active role. Otherwise, they will deliberately or inadvertently become accomplices to extremism, incitement, the Iranian maneuvering and Syrian sponsorship of Palestinian factions principally opposed to the negotiated solutions.
The package being prepared by key Arab leaders, which, according to statements by one of those leaders, seeks to provide a win-win situation for everyone, involving an 'unprecedented offer to Israel', crowned by a 'revised Western initiative'.
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It would be logical to assume that Israel is about to be offered Arab and international guarantees for its recognition, peaceful coexistence, and forging a partnership with it once it really commit to the creation of a Palestinian State within the slightly modified lines of the 1967 borders. It will also be offered the chance to achieve these objectives over a number of stages and according to a set timeframe.

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