David Copperfield: An Evening of Magic

“Lucky for us, an evening of surprise, fascination, and intrigue, contained the magic of David Copperfield in our desert paradise, tonight...:) His wizardry graced the McCallum Theatre, as he delighted and left us all with a new way of believing in Magic!”
Radcliff-07; David Copperfield Amazement!
Click Image Above: View Video interview of Copperfield (yesterday) on a sunny day in Paradise. Video reveals a very mild mannered man... Only to step onto stage, tonight, to become:
Copperfield: The Magician of The Century! (flash intro)

Note: Remembered for having made the Statue of Liberty "disappear", "flying", "levitating"' over the Grand Canyon, and "walking through" the Great Wall of China... If you've an opportunity to catch a performance...
Don't miss the brilliant Magic of David Copperfield!
Additional must-read Copperfield Links:
A Philanthropist and founder of: Project Magic Hy Kotkin's Fund-A charity established to use magic as a form of therapy in a thousand hospitals in 30 countries around the world.

Celebrity Cafe's biography of David Copperfield--The Magician...

Read about this Palm Beach Robery!
Robbers unknowingly rob David Copperfield!

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