Switzerland: The Icicles of Versoix

While we're on the subject of water... Please don't let IPCC's report scare you. My friend Dr. "H" ; retired Archeologist, Physicist, M.D. (in his late 80's) who, oddly enough, lives part of the year in Switzerland (below) tells me that he has been involved in a project for the last 5 years involving precipitation...And says these figures today, are GROSSLY inaccurate!
He was ANGRY about the way this report is being presented, today.
Climate change means hunger and thirst for billions: report

We cannot forget...We are witnessing the birth of a new Earth, everyday...New oceans, new mountain ranges; this will not change... (more below)
A friend has sent some very beautiful pictures of the icicles in Switzerland :) Icicles are a tradition for Versoix (a charming little town) close to Geneva City.
Click-Image -View Van!!
It seems to me that I'd read about these icicles, being late in arrival this year...Residents panicked, and (sure raised Hell with Bush!..laugh!)
Here's another... (Water in background is Le’man Lake.)
Click-Image -View Car!!
Back to the environmental article: While the IPCC article states that the coral reef could be dead in decades...It is important to note that costal preservation, is and remains an essential issue; of which reversal of the effects of over-harvestation, truly holds a very high success-rate. This must be done NOW! But what 'they' are talking about, involves flooding as a result of:
Earth-shattering proof of continents on the move
We cannot forget that earth's climate changes are enumerated by a host of factors...Sadly, we are visitors, and cannot stop the shifting plates of (for instance) Indonesia... The Arab tectronic plates which have slipped, as the sides of the Ethiopian rift move apart, the gap between them is being plugged with molten rock, which then cools to form new land. And in an indeterminable length of time, the Red Sea could come flooding into the sinking region, re-shaping the map of Africa forever!
"It's very exciting because we're witnessing the birth of a new ocean!
Sorry, though...Legislation, in an effort to stop this, is not possible."

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