London Culture amidst Merging Jihadi

When immigrant parents have no intention of fitting into already established social environments, I believe that new generations struggle. Couple this with what has been identified as Jihadi radicalization...Not at all cherry!
Hot air has a Video by Mark Steyn which explains further:
Video: Mark Steyn on jihad in
London, jihadist apologists
Steyn points out how Britain has introduced a fast-track program to import ideological forces which represent a threat within the culture…An extreme radical belief system of jihad…maintains to be a major source of population growth in Britain’s major cities, today.
A friend told me that there have been many new political challenges to British society. He said that I'd never recognize the change of the last few years...It appears to be in a different AGE, even in the 3 years since RADA (college.) Now, having read the research in Brussels’s journal by Hilâl Yalçin and Ina Lodewyckx of the University of Antwerp; perhaps this explains a merging phenomenon Belien is referring to:
Radical Islamization of Europe
According to Antwerp study, Marital Import, is thought to now attribute to one of the most visibly seen formulas, by which existing cultures & customs of a country suddenly seem to "disappear." Possibility has it (in 2 decades) it shall...
Interesting Formula Example:
"If two thirds of the partners are imported and every couple has four children the population will multiply by 50 after two generations. This is also the case if all the partners are imported and every couple has three children." Read more about the formula
As Brits go on about their day-to-day, they (perhaps) fail to realize how radical Jihadists might effect their government. Amidst enormous incompatibilities, Jihadists seek to destroy the very values of British society. Not at all cherry...

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