President Elect, Dominique de Villepin

Before choosing a "Socialist Party" vote; France might care to remember the Famous words of Margaret Thatcher:
"The problem with socialism is that you
eventually run out of other people's money."
If France is to become stronger, increase prosperity for all, while retaining its rich historical culture, I believe that:
The election of Dominique de Villepin is inevitable...
M.B.- 06; Charles Platiau- Reu
Continuing to weigh all sides, he will seek a lasting solution towards:
Housing of underprivileged social classes
Dominique de Villepin does not just stand up for the preservation of French Culture and new reform of French Dignity...
Today he issues a clear warning to Tehran:
Tuesday evening, Dominique de Villepin condemned Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's attacks against Israel, as “unacceptable” and warned Teheran against “insulation growing” if it does not give up his program of nuclear enrichment.
As FM, Dominique de Villepin has continued to seek healing and building for:
A new partnership for globalization with South Africa... Reassures of France's "deep regret" for the deterioration in diplomatic relations with Rwanda centered on the central African nation's 1994 genocide...
There can be no other way to heal, than to admit past
mistakes, and build for improvement in the present...
Today, France must strengthen, or destroy the future of a Beautiful Nation...It needs the leadership and strength of this Great future President...
"Je rêve cette sûreté du voyage, et les visites
reprises veulent (encore) soient possibles un jour!
MB: "Je m'ennuie de la France plus forte et plus saine!" -07!
A troubling Ségolène Royal:
When Ségolène Royal met a Hizbullah MP in Beirut last month, her relatively limited experience of foreign affairs almost caused an international incident... “Since General De Gaulle, France has always embodied a certain pride and independence vis-a-vis the United States," Ségolène said in a television debate. “We absolutely cannot accept the concept of preventive war, nor the concept of good versus evil, nor disengagement in the Middle East, nor the Americans preaching economic liberalism abroad and practising protectionism at home. We cannot tolerate their refusal to ratify the Kyoto treaty when they are the world’s No 1 polluter." Read more
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