Iran's Terror Militants Stage Coup

For those who wanted Peace, it rained stones today...
Once again, impending Doom is seen amidst the ciaos as Iran's terror group grips tightly, while ripping this Government apart. And now, as Iran engulfs & paralyzes Lebanon, rebuild efforts slip further away from the people's grasp.
LGF: Hezbollah Not Really Interested in Rebuilding
Comprised of Sunni, Shiite and Christian fractions, a majority strive in Prayer towards the peaceful disarmament of Iran's multi-military wings; yet hold fear amidst the economical factors of dominant military groups... They prefer to disarm the Militants through an internal political process, but just as in Palestine, just as in Iraq; Iran's armies further destabilize weak countries.
"Hezbollah will continue to escalate their
efforts until the government falls!"
Hell on Earth: Who can stop this?
The day's turmoil brought Beirut airport to a halt, with Hezbollah supporters building earthen barricades on roads to the facility.
Their cars blocked, departing passengers wheeled suitcases past protesters and burning tires on the highway leading to the airport. Airlines canceled flights later in the day, and 400 passengers were stranded at the terminal. Among those stuck for hours were 146 Chinese troops who were joining U.N. peacekeepers in south Lebanon. Read more.
Amidst generosity from Countries who are risking their lives to help end these conflicts... And amidst Paris who, in 'untiring' generosity, will likely raise much for rebuilding the devastation...
Iran wants foreign interventions to cut and run from their terror groups, as many become apprehensive to deliver assistance to help the people...But those amongst the community ARE NEEDED NOW, MORE THAN EVER!!!
In Dubai, U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said the international community must support the Saniora government against "those who would destabilize it."
LGF: Lebanon Ready to Explode
Michelle Malkin: HEZBOLLAH IS HERE
Listing 9 Major Hezbollah Acts of Terrorism & Violence

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