UN Post: Ban Ki- Moon Takes Oath

If 192 Nations are to find unification and create a better world for future generations; this man will soon have the task of enabling it to be so. Sworn in today, Ban-Ki-Moon, the future U. N. Secretary General...Pictured here amidst a South-Korean Round of applause, in Seoul.
Jacques-AFP: Ban-Ki-Moon
UN Secretary General- 07
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A post so vital amidst today’s militant conflicts, massive displacements, and a World by which many global treaties have collapsed...Somewhere between bias, loss of integrity, and mishandling of billions($) intended for the poor; this organization has failed to meet the mark for the 21st century.

A few highlights of his speech, today:
Member States need a dynamic and courageous Secretariat, not one that is passive and risk-averse. The time has come for a new day in relations between the Secretariat and Member States. The dark night of distrust and disrespect has lasted far too long. We can begin by saying what we mean, and meaning what we say.

We cannot change everything at once. But we can build progress in a few areas, and so make way for progress in many more. That will require intensive and continuous dialogue. It will require us to work together transparently, flexibly and honestly. And it will require us to start with an open mind. Today, I ask both colleagues and Member States to work with me in that spirit. You have the right to expect the same of me....

By strengthening the three pillars of the United Nations -- security, development and human rights -- we can build a more peaceful, more prosperous and more just world for our succeeding generations. As we pursue our collective endeavor to reach that goal, my first priority will be to restore trust. I will seek to act as a harmonizer and bridge-builder. And I hope to become known to all of you -- Member States or Secretariat -- as a Secretary-General who is accessible, hard-working, and prepared to listen attentively.
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