International Score-Keeping

How many times must the war in Afghanistan and Iraq be won?

The ousting of a tyrannical ruler, who used WMD against an entire population, and the crushing defeat of the Taliban, was declared a "WIN"...

Yet, Democratic countries who simply observe Jihadist Militants' fight to "over-throw" the Democratically Elected Sovereign Nation of Iraq; claim this to be a "LOOSE" for the Iraqis...
Kissinger article: Iraq Military "WIN" is Impossible

When all the analysis and advice and is given, what remains as a detriment to the success of Iraqi people is: "Lack of International Support." No stronger element provides aid & encouragement to these militant groups.
”Taliban Losers” resurface with fresh Weaponry? 06
Is it any wonder why we see this today:
FM Kasuri: Taliban more dangerous than Al Qaeda.

Do you think that the Iraqis will easily forget these struggles for Freedom, should another country be in this position? As continual sectarian conflicts, resurface i.e. the tribes of Al-Qaeda (Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan) Hezbollah (Syria)... and as Shiites of Iraq and Iran, work to re-arm and 'over-power' the freely elected government of Iraq...Why are they given legitimacy to over-throw this Democratic system of government?

This should not be tolerated by
any of the International community.

This is the fight. And if this cannot be won, the international
Community must examine how they can appreciate their own freedoms yet do so little to stop the plight of the Iraqis. The "DISASTER" is looking the other way, or abandoning the effort... If a large percentage of 120 countries were to submit significant support to end the violence and encourage the reconciliation outlined in Iraq's congress...
This Violence would stop...

Excellent Posts:
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-Outsidethebeltway details the Pentagon’s (closely guarded view) -
Iraq Options: Go Big, Go Long or Go Home

Right Truth posts about the release of the first systematic mapping of the ideology inspiring al-Qaeda: The Militant Ideology Atlas!

Lorie Byrd (Wizbang) posts more "strategies":
How To Win In Iraq

What does "Blogs of War" say about:
McCain, Kissinger, and Rangel?

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