Democrats and "Vietnam Issues"

VNS Photo Truong Vi; APEC 2006:
Anticipating the summit and US visit!
By gracious invitation of the Vietnamese President, the US attended the APEC 2006 summit meetings...However, immediately prior to the visit, a majority Democrat vote prevented the 'PNTR for Vietnam' bill from passing. Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Dung said that the outcome failed to meet the interests and aspirations of the two countries, especially the interests of the US business circle...Democrats.

US House rejects bill Normalizing trade with Vietnam
(As the Democrat Majority, killed the bill!)

What the PNTR bill would have meant to Vietnam: Normalization of trade relations with Vietnam would open the doors for their investments and businesses in Vietnam. The US' investment in Vietnam is now only $2 billion and $3 billion (if investment through the third country is calculated) ranking seventh among foreign investors in Vietnam...

A majority of Democrats are against our presence in Iraq, while comparing Iraqi interventions to Vietnam; yet vote against enabling future successes in Vietnam...Do they envision America as a "self-serving nation"... Or do they lack the same sense of commitment as do our American soldiers, who represent our country?
(Or what else could it be?)

PNTR BILL: The VietNamNet Bridge - The bill to normalize trade with Vietnam failed to gain approval in the US House of Representatives on Monday because it didn't grab the required two-thirds votes. However, Republican senators will resubmit the bill for vote again on November 15...

This crucial bill has been re-submitted!

Now I urge you to contact your Congress and local legislative to tell them what America means to you. We must do our best to call for the House of Representatives to approve PNTR for Vietnam in the next vote. We as citizens of a Democracy must play an important part in our Government's decisions.
-Please get involved...

Vietnam is considered the safest country in which to do business and travel in Asia-Pacific, according to a poll of over 400 business executives conducted by the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. following the Bali bombing in October 2002...Read more

*IMAGE ABOVE: VNS Photo Truong Vi; 44 posters that were selected from 350 works through an art competition, to Welcome US and int'l Community...
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