US Reaches 300M: The Socialist Debate

As U.S. is about to hit the 300M population mark...
This article, just published:
Supersize nation: how America is eating the world
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Exceeding the "Fair Share"
(Abet Sarcasm)
More focus on those UGLY Americans!... Again, U.S. consumption averages are compared (hypothetically) with "world -and- developing world" GNI figures... But, who can cite accurate figures of comparison/ratio with the many U.S. residents of dual citizenship, undocumented stayer/invaders, & what have you..
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Article excerpt...
"On a global scale the average US citizen uses far more than his or her fair share of the planet's resources - consuming more than four times the worldwide average of energy, almost three times as much water and producing more than twice the average amount of rubbish and five times the amount of carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming"...blah...blah...blah..
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-Partial List- (Of 'said' consumption figures)
Note: Article does not list sources

300m Expected population of the United States by the end of this week
395m Projected population of the US by 2050

$39,710 US Gross National Income per head, 2004
$8,540 World's GNI per head
$4,450 Developing world's GNI per head

1,682m3 US annual water consumption per capita
633m3 The world's annual water consumption per capita
545m3 The developing world's annual water withdrawals per capita

5lbs Amount of waste each US resident produces per day. That compares with about 3lbs per person per day in Europe, and about 0.9-1.3lbs per person a day in the developing world

678lbs US annual paper consumption per head
115lbs The corresponding figure for the world
44lbs The figure for the developing world

19.8 US carbon dioxide emissions per capita, in metric tonnes
3.9 World's carbon dioxide emissions per head, in tonnes
1.8 Developing world's carbon dioxide emissions per head, in tonnes

204m number of vehicles on US roads
37% Percentage of the total cars in the world on America's roads

1 in 7 Barrels of world oil supply used by US drivers
7,921 US energy consumption per capita, 2001, expressed in kilograms of oil
1,631 World's energy consumption per capita, in kilograms of oil
828 Corresponding figure for the developing world

Not to down-play the population concern...It's an issue of importance to every country; especially countries who face famine, and the inability to produce income...
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