10-11 Crash: Upper East Side...


My friend in New York has a much more intuitive knowledge of the city's current, 'daily pulse' than I (here in California) and reminds us that (as of late) helicopters and small planes have continued to fly much lower than should be allowed...
-I am sure that this tragic accident, and important realization will be addressed by the FAA...
Yankees' Lidle Killed In High-Rise Plane Crash
Exclusive slides

According to my friend in New York, there were traffic jams around the city hours before the plane hit the building... Significant delays were everywhere...

-Tension upon "tension"... And then more : Tension...
(Ht: Instapundit)

Update: More at StoptheACLU:
Pandemonium As Plane Strikes High Rise In NYC

-Concerning the location: York Ave and 72th Street...72nd Street being a major thoroughfare; York Ave runs parallel to the FDR Drive and the East River.

...Further downtown, at East 46th Street, we find the UN...

-Sadly, memories of 9/11 were still fresh in the minds of many people; and instant reactions by eyewitnesses were of fear...
My friend said:
New Yorkers persevered once again...

Update: -Source
Odd...Appears that (according to someone on the net)… this is what comes up when you look up the N-Number at the FAA registry for this plane (owned by Corey Lidle)…Hopefully nothing wrong...

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