From the Cell...

-Kidnappings, and increased insurgence...
Shiite-on-Shiite Revenge Killings Rock Iraq
(Iraqi Army Doesn't Interfere As Militiamen Hunt Down Policemen)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Oct. 24) - Militiamen loyal to an anti-American cleric re-emerged in the southern city of Amarah, hunting down and killing four policemen from a rival militia in a brutal Shiite-on-Shiite settling of scores.

-From Saddam’s 2003 letter: (Full text) which states:
"The day of liberation and victory will come."

-On -Oct 16 11:36 AM; Saddam delivers NEW strategy from his cell:
......The time is now.
AP- J. Halaby; Letter, Jordan-06
"It was only a few times that I managed to address you through the farcical, so-called trial when the microphones were not switched off," Saddam said, acknowledging that he tries to use the trials for political propaganda...

-Contents of Saddam's letter (translated from Arabic)

"The hour of liberation is at hand, God willing, but remember
that your near-term goal is confined to freeing your country
from the forces of occupation and their followers and not be
preoccupied with settling scores or deviate from your goal."

-Raid Juhi, a chief investigating judge in the trial linked to the anti-Shiite crackdown, said:
"A verdict against Saddam and (7) co- defendants will be announced Nov. 5."
Sentences for those found guilty...
will be issued the same day.

-Of course Ramsey Clark US traitor, member of Saddam Hussein's defense team, and always at odds between 'client-privilege' and 'National Security'... issued an "off-the-cuff":
Hanging Saddam Would Cause Chaos
At a news conference, Clark said he feared that should Saddam and the others be hanged, "catastrophic violence" would follow that would lead to "the end of civilization as we know it in the birthplace of civilization, Mesopotamia. Total, unmitigated chaos."

Saddam's Sunni Muslim tribe of 1.5 million would be enraged over what they would consider the revenge killing of the former president by the Shiite-controlled and U.S.-sponsored government, Clark said.
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To be continued...

Associated Press reporters Jamal Halaby and Shafika Mattar in Amman, Jordan, and Yahiya Ahmed, in Kirkuk, Iraq, contributed to part of this report.
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