CentCom Fact -and- MSM Fiction

-There are (2) Videos below:

-1stView this Military VIDEO -or (click-Iraqi Training image) Interview with a KIRO reporter from Seattle, Wash; Details working with the Iraqi police, progress of our troops, & dangers encountered.
(i.e: The experience of the IED’S; mentioned too, in clip below)... Oct 24, 2006;
Iraqi Army assumes responsibility of Northern Ramadi
Multi-National Corps – Iraq Press Release
-We are not actually viewing the full extent of the tremendous efforts our Service men/women provide; as they assist in the shaping and training of Iraqi police and military. While this training requires patience; it is often negated by main stream media...I believe that this negative reporting serves to give the enemy comfort; as it aids in undermining the security of Iraq...
RAMADI, Iraq – The Iraqi Army assumed responsibility of an area in northern Ramadi Oct. 24, 2006. The 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade of the 7th Iraqi Army Division, commanded by Colonel Kareem, officially assumed battle space at a ceremony on forward operating base Blue Diamond. Read more.
"We will serve with honor," Colonel Kareem reminded his
Soldiers, "We have been given the great responsibility
of being in charge of this area."

Jim Joyner at Outside the beltway, makes an excellent point in the question...
Is Iraqi Security an Iraqi Responsibility?
"Government and security simply have to have a local face
to have any chance of success." read more
-The VIDEO at the bottom, serves to show how MSM takes the same Military circumstances, and "twists" them to shape a negative world opinion.-When they could report about the progress, they report solely about defeat...
-Many represent the Anti-war groups who
Rally 'active troops' to speak out against the war...

-Now watch what I believe is a negatively portrayed Iraqi training effort:
This MSM Video (below) is seemingly designed to
create a negative outlook towards our troops!

(They even call it, "The Real Story.")

The heart of the resolution of Iraqi efforts, is found in
offering Credit and encouragement...Visit my friends below:

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