Pony Blogging at: Friday Ark #104

It's: The Modulator's:
Friday Ark #104!
MB's Photography from the horse! ; /

-Click-image-Video- (above)
(To give you an idea of Polo techniques... or click here)
Well... Haven’t posted in a while…
I've been flying to one of two different locations (in U.S.) to practice Professional Polo for an upcoming project in the next year. Practice is 6 days a week (with travel on the seventh) ...And each day, we've a split day of 5 to six hours…
-Rest time: Yoga stretch and preparation for the next day. (Will post when possible.)
(Below) Trainer gathering practice horses for the day!
(Ah-Ha! Carrots in the back-pocket!)... (^__^)
So that’s how they do it! … More later…
Bye for now…

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