Pontiff Rage: But Silence toward Fanatics

Well...Looks like officials of Islam (and thousands who protest) show that they can synchronize their voices of protest against 'offenses towards Islam'...
But why not use this voice to respond to EACH of the hundreds of Islamic fanatics who kill 'in the name of Islam'??
There before them go God (and words said, by one little old man.)
...And they still make it mean, "Death to Israel???!"
The "Outrageous-gauge" of Islam."

The statement (below) looks like a pretty good speech to toss at those offensive 'Pretend-Islamic Fanatics' who terror-bomb the entire World community; in every corner of Earth...

Statement from Sheikh Youssef Al-Qatari Muslim Cleric
and Head of Islamic Scholars Association:

"We condemn this and we want to know the explanation of this and what is intended by this. We call on the pope, the pontiff, to apologize to the Islamic nation because he has insulted its religion and Prophet, its faith and Sharia without any justification."
-More Muslim community quotes here

-What others have to say:
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And... Beltwaytrafficjam
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