Ecclesiastical Censure to End Islamofacism

The Self is the sun shining in the sky,
The wind blowing in space; he is the fire
At the altar and in the home the guest;
He dwells in human beings, in gods, in truth,
And in the vast firmament; he is the fish
Born in water, the plant growing in earth,
The river flowing down the mountain.
For this Self is supreme!
(Katha Upanishad II.2.2)

"As long as humanity lives in a World where defense is a struggle for Peace, it will also be a reason for Islamofascist’s to substantiate attack...Therefore, I am asking ALL Peaceful leaders of Islam, to use ecclesiastical censure, to exit the programmers of a misguided and hatefully indiscriminate, jihadist's Islam... (One-by-one)- via- Islamic courts"... M.B.

We ALL struggle for Peace from unwanted attacks, where Radical 7th century views, are substantiated by Radical 13th century actions; and innocent 21st century victims could be anyone who wishes to thwart this dynamic...Just as man seeks to find within himself...we are fighting a battle of which the answer is found within itself...

A most propound article:
Arab Majority May Not Stay Forever Silent
-Youssef Ibrahim- who speaks against the militant Islamo-fascists, as he aligns with denouncements by presidents, emirs, and kings at the highest level of government in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, and at the Arab League's meeting of 22 foreign ministers in Cairo on Saturday...who stand for the Peaceful principals of Islam... But this denounce was even louder from pundits and ordinary people...

Take the Islam out of the Fascists!
And this Radicalization will surely end...
-And so, the mullah's murder-groups and their sponsors continue to proclaim Islamic values, by order of the Prophet Allah (pbuh) to forward their cults as they continue to kill innocents, on every continent...

Just as religious identities have evolved the World over, they did so by their ability to invoke changes which enabled their Religions to hold a better understanding of Peace throughout civilization... Sometimes these changes were brought forth by the excommunications of those who used HATE to relay a Religious message...But, in order to gain Peaceful distinctions, these and ALL "excommunications" have to be implemented within the religion itself...

-Believe it...The exit of Islamofacism, will be supported by the
Entire Relevant, International Community...

-Linked at: Basil's Blog

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