Violence or Ballots: Iraq Form States!

Bottom-line- What it boils down to in Iraq is simply this:

"Can an Iraqi vote be of more value than oppression
under a dictator; or can bombs of insurgence serve
Iraqis, more than a ballot box?"

Amidst the death squads and random slaughter by, "Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution", Mehdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr, and Iraqi citizen militia turned insurgence... The United States Government is given this message:
"We've an imaginary opportunity
to reduce our troops"
A.T.-by permission only
Can you imagine how terrible it would be for Iraqis to change the course of the one opportunity to live their future as a free people, by mistakenly choosing insurgence to rid their country of occupation, only to find that they will never have an opportunity to be at cause for their nation again?...

It is out of this one realization,
that one suddenly becomes....
"A Patriot."...
You know in your heart, that if is to be...
You will need to make it so."

What part of the 'citizens turned sectarian violence', yet want a free Iraq, are unable to comprehend that there will be no better opportunity for Iraqis to claim their country from violence, than now. Iraqis have much more to gain by standing up to the fate of their country...
-To rise above this-
Iraq is already divided, but into disorganized disarray with uncontrolled insurgence, anywhere there is a mixed population.
-Iraq, as small states of the Union-
Gaining control of the "whole of Iraq" would not only become more percise for Iraqis (Considering too, infrastructure repair would be exacting)...but more important, now, it would create increased commitment for each State official to be at cause for their future, rather than being bought, to accommodate groups against the US.

And the difficulty of gaining control of the "whole of Iraq" is reliant that Democracy is a "Government by the people"; and the people must exercise freedom to "agree or disagree" upon such things as the 'continuing volatility' of (for instance) Kurdish peshmerga and their rightful distinctions of being "militia" or are they "regulated forces"...
I hope for the US Pentagon's plan:
One third of US forces could leave by the end of June.
A senior US military official said Najaf and Karbala
would be relinquished during the summer and Baghdad
by New Year's. And British officials are still hoping
that they will be able to start ceding British troops
in the southern city of Muthanna in July, cut the
entire presence in half by year's end...depart by 2010.
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