Canada: Suspects Demand Korans

Jihad watch has a former post on: Sadequee and Ahmed
FBI: 2 in Georgia Plotted Jihad Strike in U.S.
The two, according to a U.S. Justice Department,
traveled to Canada on- March 13, 2005; allegedly
to meet with Islamic extremists.
Saul Porto, Reuters-Click-image-to view story
Family members of some of the 17 Canadian residents arrested on terrorism charges wait to enter a heavily guarded courthouse in Brampton, Ontario, Saturday...
HA! I was on the same wave-length as LGF, Actually, family was my immediate focus. You can tell a lot about the situation by examining the family members..."Oh-my, oh-my. We've so much stress!"...
lgf update:
Canadian Terror Suspects Demand Korans !

Evidently, OPP bomb sniffing dogs and camouflaged snipers atop the main roof and adjacent...complaining about the conditions where they were held Friday night, they asked for copies of the Koran while in custody....
"Yeah, you'd better pray if you're guilty."-M.B.
Wizbang: Shows more perspectives and an Update

Excerpt: Pointing at snipers on the roof, Farooq (lawyer representing several of the accused) who would not name his clients, said: “This is ridiculous. They’ve got soldiers here with guns. This is going to completely change the atmosphere.” ...

Thank goodness they caught this in time!

Wow! Close to home, for- Confederate Yankee!
Close to Home- Terror Sweep in Canada

The Catch:
12 male adults and five youths; apprehended by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police...stating that three metric tons (6,614 pounds) of ammonium nitrate, confiscated...NOTE: Triple the amount of the substance used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 people!
Don Surber posts: Canada avoids a 9/11
Saul Porto, Reuters-
-Big bulging bag of ammonium nitrate (not shown)

Outside the Beltway: gives this information-
Terror Cell Apprehended In Ontario
blog posts on canada at The Truth Laid Bear
As always, Inside the bullpen's perspective:
Terror cell in Canada busted
More links at Jay's:
Canada Bust Terrorists In Toronto

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