VIDEO- Iran: Supplant Your Theocrats!

The following 2 VIDEOS were constructed to
depict the continuing struggle of the Iranians, of
which 70% (30 years of age) continue to find danger
in their link to one another, and to the outside world.
..They, as an opposition, have been subjected
to harsh and often fatal punishment by
Iran's clerical regime...

Click image to view VIDEO 1

The next VIDEO, gives background to the son
of the former shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, who has
long urged support for Iran's internal opposition...

From the Iranian dynasty to the
silencing rule of Radical Islam.

Click image and view VIDEO 2:
"This is what Reza Pahlavi has to say":

"It is not a crisis between so-called liberal and radical
factions, but between the whole regime and the people.
Iran's clerical regime is not reformable. There must be a
fundamental change," said Pahlavi.

Pahlavi, 45, told reporters that "Euro-three diplomatic
efforts bought Iran's theocrats three extra years. Another
series of cat and mouse games with the Russians may buy
the clerical regime the time it needs to make the bomb.
This is what we have in place, concerning Iran's Nuclear:
PASSED: 4. 26. 06; Bill # H.R.282
(More Detail)
"To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its
threatening behavior and to support a transition to
democracy in Iran."
Sponsored by: U.S. Representative
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen...

Bill: Source-Update:
Nuclear iran: Members on April 26 blocked, 228 for and 194 against,
a Democratic bid to require the administration to report every 90
days to the House Intelligence Committee on the status of Iran's
nuclear-weapons program.
A yes vote was to kill the Democrats' motion.
Voting yes: Jones, Foxx, Coble, Hayes, Myrick, McHenry, Taylor
Voting no: Butterfield, Etheridge, Price, McIntyre, Watt, Miller
Pressure on iran: Voting 397 for and 21 against, the House on April
26 passed a bill (HR 282) authorizing U.S. government financial
support efforts by pro-democracy groups inside and outside of Iran
to undermine the current Islamic regime. The bill also would tighten
existing economic sanctions on Iran and impose economic penalties on
countries or individuals investing more than $20 million in Iran's
energy sector.
A yes vote was to pass the bill.
Voting yes: Butterfield, Etheridge, Price, Foxx, Coble, McIntyre,
Hayes, Myrick, McHenry, Taylor, Watt, Miller
Voting no: Jones

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Now you see why they have to "oust" their own regime?

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