Detaining Jihadists: UN de facto Guide

Today: The trickery -ht: lgf
Gitmo Prisoners Ambushed Guards
with Fake Suicide

Guantanamo Concerns
~Concrete agreements re: transfer of prisoners to home country
~The choice of trial by civilian court or military court
~The reality of jihad against a prison facility
America wishes to close Gitmo; but safely.
UN offers its de facto guide...
click-image: Kneeled in prayer, not abuse
Guantanamo facility-06- World facts

The ruling at Guantanamo:
The United Nations top anti-torture body told the U.S. on Friday
that any secret jails it ran for foreign terrorism suspects, along
with the Guantanamo Bay facility, were illegal...
And should be closed.

Prisoner Transfers
Fifteen Saudi Arabian detainees transferred
from Guantanamo to their home country
America's concern with transfer to home country, for
those who have aided, planned, or engaged in terrorist
attacks, has been making sure that:

1. The prisoner will not be executed without trial
2. The prisoner is not transfered, and let back into society.

In early May, on her trip to England, Secretary Rice stated:
"The prison will not remain open, any longer than is needed."
Rice looks to Gitmo closure
Amidst the demonstrations in Europe...Rice rebutted :

"We have to recognize Guantanamo is there for a reason,
because we captured people on battlefields ...who were
either plotting, or planning or actively engaged in
terrorist activities."
From Jay at stop the ACLU:
Who says, "This just in from the ACLU: Free the terrorists!!!"

ACLU Applauds U.N.’s Suggestion
For U.S. To Close Gitmo

"And yet another organization: Amnesty International"-

According to Washington Post:

A Pentagon report, released back in June 6, 2005, detailed
incidents in which U.S. guards at Guantanamo mishandled
the Koran. Last month, Amnesty International called
the detention center for alleged terrorists:
"the gulag of our time,"
(A charge Defense Sec. Rumsfeld dismissed as "reprehensible.")

"The Gulag of our time??!"

"I wonder why Amnesty International did
not choose N. Korea ?? (see below)

Instead of sitting in jail for a while, prisoners are
randomly executed each day, right on the site."
"Now that's a Gulag!"

The Hidden Gulag: Exposing North Korea’s Prison Camps

Hundreds of Prisoners’ Testimonies and Sketches, are compared to
confirm horrendous (on going) abuses executions, with Commercial,
high-resolution satellite imagery. The testimonies of North Korean
defectors who were exposed to the gulag, are horrendous.
-Read More
According to: U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
between 5,000 and 50,000 prisoners per kwan-li-so, totaling
perhaps some 150,000 to 200,000 prisoners throughout
North Korea. 16

blog posts on UN
at The Truth Laid Bear

Outside the Beltway:
Beltway Traffic Jam

Gitmo Prisoners Ambushed Guards
with Fake Suicide

ACLU Applauds U.N.’s Suggestion
For U.S. To Close Gitmo

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