Ascending on the Gaza: Terror Cells Unite

By morning, Abbas will have deployed thousands of Palestinian
Police and national security forces in the Gaza...

Responding to a challenge to his authority by Hamas who posted
their own armed contingent on the streets... (image below)
© credits: P. Herogame-© | Digimarc -06)

MSM News reports:
Abbas, Hamas mount rival shows of force

However, according to Debakafile:

May 18, 2006, 12:16 AM (GMT+02:00)

Our intelligence sources report 8,000 armed men marched in the streets and squares of Gaza – more than double the 3,000 reported by the news agencies. The marching Hamas militia conducted itself less like a police force and more like an army: its troops carried heavy machine guns, RPGs, mortars and explosives. When Wednesday night, Abu Mazen finally woke up and ordered the PA security force to spread out across the Gaza Strip, very few obeyed him. Now, the slightest spark could cause the standoff to veer out of control between the warring Palestinian factions.

"Guess Who's Coming to Gaza"...

Flocks of Terrorist Cells Assemble on the Gaza, as called forth by
order of Hamas... At first I thought it was for Palestine territory,
or to keep "order" of Palestine, that is...I also thought that perhaps
money was owed to a group of two... But as sources indicate, this
mass convergence is to provoke a showdown
with Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, in his absence."

Having slipped across the Egyptian border into the Gaza, they are
said to be led by gun- and drug-running gangs working with al Qaeda
and Palestinian terrorists right into the border!

So, there we have it... An entirely large amount of
'wanted terror cells'... All in one place!

{ *' _ '* }

VIDEO: (Click-photo-Above)
Spewing the same pathetic Venom.

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