Chemical Innocence: Disclosure and Risks

I'm saddened by the failure to adequately disclose
the risk, in such matters which effect
the health of innocent people around the globe...
Image from: Wikipedia

You may have read about China's major disaster
Last November... Five months ago, a factory explosion in
China, spewed benzene, phenol, and other toxic chemicals
into the Songhua river...
You do recall China's 'cut-off' of drinking water to millions
of its people? (Supposedly to repair the water system.)

Well, during this spill, contamination which flowed into the
Amur, was noticed several weeks later. Now (April 30th) after
the Russian ice thaw...levels of up to 30 times the acceptable
limit are being detected in the water streams of Khabarovsk.

Sadly, further genetic defects have been observed in kidneys
of children in the region. Evidently, the ice melt (reported on
Russian local television) has brought a repeat of chemical
taste, and thus a fresh new repeat contamination.

"And in China? Who knows what dangers
remain undisclosed."
A little Geography: Wikipeda

"Khabarovsk Krai shares its borders with Magadan Oblast on the
north, with Sakha Republic and Amur Oblast on the west, with
the People's Republic of China and Primorsky Krai on the south
... while being limited by the Sea of Okhotsk on the east."

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