Talking with Dalai Lama

The World is rapidly changing, and to some,
We are on edge of three most unthinkable roads...

1. The thought that nuclear weaponry might be used

2. The thought that we might attempt to defuse,
strive for Peace, and strengthen others aggression.

3. Do nothing, or less than we could have...

But I still feel that warmth is in
touching of hands, Menessa...
Israeli parliament speaker:
defiantly welcomes Dalai Lama

The story of the handshake:

Against all odds...
A handshake after an earthquake...

So you see...
One handshake can lead to
from unresolved differences.

"Hey, how come your hair got so light
now that you are older?"...

"Rays of sunshine, your Holiness."
age 11
"In the old traditions of Buddhism, it was once thought that to attain world peace Monks would draw world consciousness inward to heal by chanting in seclusion.... But now we see that to heal the world, one must be..."AWAKE AND PRESENT." To be at cause, rather than effect, feeds nations...So to move into the World, and have your word be known,
is the greatest way to create PEACE"...~M.B.
Below the beltway
Carnival of Liberty #XXXIX!

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