Destabilizations and Diversions...

Working every angle and staging every possible scenario to
destabilize and divert Western progress in the Middle East;
Ahmedinejad courts an opportunity to attack Israel. This madman
with his vision of 'new world--old world' Islamic Republic, is:
"Too evil to succeed."
What is also intuitive to me, is Iran's ERROR which holds
America as their most immediate threat. I envision a
ruthless militant rival, as a surprise to Iran…

"But rather than the 'Ahmedinejad tactic' of
waging against weakness, it will attack at
the height of Ahmedinejad's confidence."
"MAD"- Rosha Press / Tehran
Of course, we know that Ahmadinejad has been busy recruiting
business dealings with countries who will in turn, support against
sanctions...Not only has he focused upon partnerships with Security
Council members, he has also been active with destabilizations,
and diversions, by continuing interventions in Northern Iraq.

In an area between Turkey and Iran...lodged in northern Iraq
(flanked by NATO member Turkey and Iran) reports from the
Separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) confirm Teheran’s
position in continuing intervention attacks on their encampments.
They also issue a serious warning to cease, or they will start a
merciless guerrilla war with Iran...
Additional confirmations
of these Iranian attacks, come from Kurdish families caught up in
the cross-fire between Iranian militants and the PKK.

This from: Kurdish families :

“We live in fear of the presence of nearby Iranian troops, which
remind of our time under Saddam Hussein"...(Referring to Iraq’s
ousted leader who waged a decade-long war against Iran.)
The Associated Press / Tehran
Meanwhile, as Ahmadinejad‘s forces continue to 'attempt to'
destabilize Turkish Democracy, and weaken the secular traditions
of Kemal Ataturk, there remain a clear attempt to pull Turkey even
further from the possibility of EU membership. And if you will
remember, at the time of the Rice visit to Turkey last Tuesday,
Ali Larijani (Iran) had threatened to suspend its relations with
the IAEA, calling short her visit... As Rice left Turkey, she advised
a refrain from unilateral action against the Iraq-based rebels, with
a renewed trilateral cooperation to fight the threat.
Today The Turkish Army affirm their right to move closer
to Iraq to pursue separatist Kurdish rebels based there…
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