The Oil Lift of Isabella d' Este

~A blend of colorful truths...
It's 1535, Isabella d'Este, a great patron of the Arts,
woman of wit, member of the ruling class, not to forget
'related by birth or marriage' to almost every ruler in
Italy... Stands before the looking glass...

60 years young...

"Oh, Dear." she sighs, examining her portrait...
Unveiled last evening, much to her HORROR.
The Marquis of Mantua (her husband) enters the room.
"I just don't like it!"...exclaims Isabella.
"I think the portrait makes me look so..OLD...
"I shall write Titan, and we shall have another sitting."
"But Isabella...Darling...It is you. Exactly you."...
Another portrait is OUT of the question!
"Not to mention, a complete fortune wasted!"
"Now listen here," Isabella quipped, "I saved you from
your captors in Venice, and disarmed you enemies
with a quill and quick thinking!"
Sure enough...The months passed, and the Lovely
Isabella d' Este (who was always right) and
whose portrait hangs today in the Kunsthistorisches
Museum in Vienna, Austria, for millions to see...

At 60 years young....
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~Images © | Digimarc -06

"Isabella, educated by the philosopher Pietro Pomponazzi,
And collector of over 1600 works of Art around the globe..
Held the key toward maintaining her youth...
In Oil...that is."

Isabella d' Este- 1536; Titan Lift
~Images © | Digimarc -06
The Skwib
The Carnival of Satire #28!

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