Estate to Cell: The End of Exile

At last, Charles Taylor, apprehended...
Taylor's 'mansion in exile' days are over...
J. Silberberg

After the butchery of the masses in war-crimes against
the Liberian people Charles Taylor, who not only wreaked
incalculable damage on West Africa but also aided and
abetted al Qaeda and Hezbollah...
His new home:
A holding cell, upon arrival in Sierra Leone.
S. Torfinn

Taylor's trial is expected to be taken to the Hague..
Though is not expected to be a repeat of Milosevic,
with passitiviy of postponements.

In fact, according to Douglas Farah:
"Taylor would still be tried by the Special Court for Sierra Leone,
but the International Criminal Court would lend its facilities for
security reasons." (Terribly unpopular fellow.)

Like Father-Like Son

Another Taylor arrest yesterday: Emmanuel Taylor (a.k.a "Chucky")
The former leader's estranged son, a U.S. citizen, apprehended in
connection with passport fraud, said Barbara Gonzalez, a U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman…
(Actually, he lied about who his father was.)
J. Hartley
It is reported that while "Chucky" had several
people executed, Charles Sr. had to place him under house arrest
because "little Chucky's" rages were so violent!
Evidently Taylor senior was embarrassed. Embarrassed, you say??...
Emanuel, taken into custody Thursday night at Miami International
Airport, when his flight from Trinidad had just landed, authorities said.
According to Douglas Farrah, Chucky engaged in a host of criminal
activities, engaging in business with Lenoid Menin, a Russian-Israeli
drug trafficker who engaged in illegal logging activities in Liberia.
Now, if only son could join father for conviction.
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