See... I Told You So!

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Documents link Saddam to al-Qaida
~These papers released by:
The "Foreign Military Studies Office
Joint Reserve Intelligence."... here.
More!!Harmony database.
~ht: Joseph Farah's: Worldnetdaily
UPDATE: Wizbang: DOCS: bin Laden/Iraq Link
~Stay tuned to:
~Michelle M: An army of translators needed...
~Look for more docs; being released by: Free Republic

For those who have used, the old:
"There isn't any connection between
Osama Bin Laden and Saddam"

Read for yourselves!....

"Don't worry,
They have to think of a new strategy, too...
They weren't counting on, resistance."
Others blogging about this:
The great: Liberty1st Blog
Iowa Voice:
Have we seen this from The MSM?

~We're in: Basil's picnic basket!

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