Parliament to Curb Violence

Women seem remarkably resilient... And to a large extent, are...But the mental health functioning in families of domestic violence, correlate with a further increase in statistical violence. So, when you see a country with uncontrollable violence...You are seeing, just the by-product.

The above image pulled by Ministry of Justice, from TV commercial
FRANCE: New Punishment- 30 years in reclusion

In a unanimous vote (Thursday, March 23rd) Representatives of French Parliament adopted the private bill against conjugal violence, of which the incurred punishment is 30 years in reclusion (prison)... The law defines, explicitly, those offenses of conjugal violence between: married, common
law husbands, or between former spouses. Including: the case of rape.

Also proposed by the mission of the National Assembly, were measures of fight against sexual mutilations, the sexual tourism and the p├ędopornographie, and forced marriages...(To address the later, the legal age of the marriage for the girls from 15, to now: 18 years old; was voted by all the political groups.)
...Continue to read: more...(French)
More and more, the religious law of the middle east has found
its way amidst the culture of France. Getting help for those
who are victimized, and removal of these offenders, is
hoped to save lives, as it aids in crime prevention.
France estimates that every four days a woman is a
fatal victim of domestic violence.
I am not sure if batters, rapists, or pedophiles can be re-habilitated,
but of these crimes which specifically target women,
often it is the women or children which are...
Removed by death.

Might the women, who endured the insanity of these attackers
(above) have been helped, had crimes of conjugal violence
been regarded with less passivity, in our country?
~The one (left) pled manslaughter (parole after 8 years)
~The one on (right) We all know how that turned out...
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