Howard's Iraq-During-Iraq's War

D Guild A OA Awards- March 9-02
The Ron Howard film:
"Last Man Home"
tyro scribe: Moss
-Spec script-
Short description of Howard film:
~Via- Variety
"Set in the days just before President George W. Bush launched full-scale war in 2003, story revolves around a covert U.S. military unit that is on the hunt for an AWOL American soldier in Iraq. The soldier is looking for his brother, who went missing when fighting in the first Gulf War."
~Update: Inthebullpen has more- Ron Howard to Direct Film on:
Covert Operation to find Speicher
[Image: defense linkIraq-01-03]
Defense link's information re: Navy Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher-
represents accurate information, of Ron Howard's story.
Kuwait Delivering Aid to Iraqis, Hoping to Find POWs
Caption-facts from : Defense link-
"Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs Minister Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld walk past a U.S. military honor guard on their way into the Pentagon April 14. Rumsfeld and al-Sabah discussed Kuwait's humanitarian assistance to Iraq and the 600 Kuwait prisoners of war still unaccounted for after Iraq's 1990 invasion." Stikkel.
Wolfowitz: Iraq Knows More About Missing U.S. Airman
"As Ron Howard has proven his ability as director,
I'm almost inclined to say that, as long as he plays Hussein fairly, for the ruthless, murderous dictator that he was, it will be ok...But with solders actively engaged in battle, and the struggle of the Iraqi's against the vacuum of secretarial violence...I hope it will not support the enemy."~M.B...
Why do I Wonder?...
Daily News-."Anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan, fresh from being arrested outside President Bush's State of the Union speech, got a five-minute standing ovation from Ron Howard, Marisa Tomei, Sally Field and others at the V-Day L.A. benefit premiere of Eve Ensler's: The Good Body.
Haha~ Maybe it will be a film like Jarhead. (View-Trailer)
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