The Iraqi Interventions

Iranian Official:
Read: Iran's Policy is to Reduce Tension in Iraq
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Attacks to cripple the flow of the production of Iraq's oil...
(See full extent below)
Attacks to remove the occupiers...
The key to our withdrawal from Iraq is found in its stability and order...But now, as this sabotage continues to bleed off onto other Islamic Nations, the violence appears to have taken on a new intervention of its own. I believe that the question now becomes: Are those who began "project intervention" able to stop this NEW impetuous violence, or have they lost control...

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IRAQ: Billion dollar importer of oil

No new oil fields have been drilled old ones are still left in despair.
-Iraq- once a prominent member of OPEC finds itself in the position
of being a net importer of oil products...
Paying an estimated $500 million (U.S.) per month
...Just to cover fuel imports.
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New, unexpected Danger!

Iraqi oil crisis: click-to view film
"Traders have capitalized on the perception of potential supply disruption. Basically I call it the fear premium, it continues to be with us, it's likely to be here to stay," said Fadel Gheit, an oil analyst at Oppenheimer & Co.
Industry officials say a swift recovery is unlikely in the near future. Many predict that even when political stability is restored, it will take at least 5-7 years to get Iraq's economic lifeline back on its feet.
"Assuming there is no sabotage, you will have to have a government that is responsible and committed to pursue the needed maintenance and expansion in the infrastructure," Gheit added.
cont. from above-
TEHRAN- Mar. 15 (ISNA)-The development plan of Doroud oil field-phase three- will be granted to Iran Continent Shelf Oil Company.
"Doroud oil field is one of the three oil fields on Khark Island, which its development plan is so to increase utilization from 21 to 30 percent and also to acquire 80 thousand barrels of crude oil daily in addition to the current 120 thousand barrel production," said Utilization and Khark Island directing chief, Mohammad Reza Khajeh Jahromi.
"The total daily production of Iran Continent Shelf Company is 350 thousand barrels, which considering the capacity building this is to reach 550 thousand barrels. This company hopes that it will reach the desired utility through executing some development plans," he added.
"At present the daily production of Doroud oil field is 120 thousand barrels, which through the completion of the development plan within the next six months this will reach 200 thousand barrels daily," said Jahromi while noting that this field's oil potential is more than a third of the Persian Continent Shelf.
Khajeh Jahromi also pointed out through executing the third phase of Doroud's development plan for the first time in the Continent Shelf regions, injecting simultaneous water and gas in to oil tanks will be performed.
"Through executing this project in long term, more than one billion barrels of oil in addition to the previous amount will be gained," he added."
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