Can't Deal With Corruption

-Discredited Human Rights Commission-
-Disgraced UN-

It makes you wonder...
Yes, Annan has made contribution to the UN, and Yes, some circumstances may error on the side of truth. However, it's the bias and, yes… 'corrupt consciousness' of this organization which cannot be dealt with..

(1) The UN revamps the "flawed" Human Rights Commission by order of importance to itself. Just as it (2) Reverses commitment to cover expenses, by order of convenience. All the while, finances flow, countries wait in tow...

Bolton railed against: 1-4

Compromises which had been agreed to, in order to get majority support
for the council. Evidently, President of the General Assembly, Sweden's Jan Eliasson, refused to reopen negotiations... However, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan and some Arab countries were eager to add input if was necessary. Read more

1. Compromises...

2. Demanding that each country's vote be recorded.

3. The dropping of 2/3 vote -for new candidates to be elected to council, instead of a newly proposed (simple majority)

4. Siting that countries which were subject to sanctions for
human rights abuses or for supporting terrorism should also be barred.

There were countries who voted in favor anyway, saying that if those Human rights abusers were placed as candidates, they just would not vote for them...

~Annan stated, the discrediting of the Human Rights Commission was due to many new members are joining in order to avoid criticism, or to criticize another country...He also stated that countries such as Sudan and Burma could be elected because of a system of bloc or regional voting. The new body will be elected by the entire General Assembly...

The last was retracting of commitments...(to suit)
1. Koffe Annan retracts his agreement to cover Law fees, after the embezzler is caught...and it turns his way....

"When Double cross becomes Double crossed"

The U.N. had agreed to pay Benon Sevan's legal fees in 2004,
when he became a subject of a U.N.-backed probe of fraud and
waste in the $64 billion operation. Annan reversed that decision
in March, 2005 when that very probe accused him of a role in
the scandal, and Sevan appealed to the internal tribunal..more

~InthebullpenBe careful What you Wish For

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