Violation of Espionage Act?

"I too, question how much authority a newspaper has, when it comes to the leak of vital government secrets during wartime. This definitely needs to be addressed and not just filed into the archives of another days publishing"...Read on...
by Jay on 02-02-06
Michelle Malkin points us to an excellent piece written by Gabriel Schoenfeld, senior editor of Commentary magazine that frames the debate on the NSA controversy.

“What the New York Times has done is nothing less than to compromise the centerpiece of our defensive efforts in the war on terrorism. If information about the NSA program had been quietly conveyed to an al-Qaeda operative on a microdot, or on paper with invisible ink, there can be no doubt that the episode would have been treated by the government as a cut-and-dried case of espionage. . . . . The real question that an intrepid prosecutor in the Justice Department should be asking is whether, in the aftermath of September 11, we as a nation can afford to permit the reporters and editors of a great newspaper to become the unelected authority that determines for all us what is a legitimate secret and what is not.”

Please read the whole thing...

~JayStop the ACLU

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