Reducing Nation's Reliance

We have been seeing a continual burst of innovations and 'perfection of technologies' being addressed by some of the world's most innovative engineers, all quite expeditiously now... These engineers continue to pave a path for safe distribution..

~Hydrogen fuel system-upgrade: Fuel storage (a promising alternative.)

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See a film by Tai Robinson: view FILM! 27 min.
~ Read more about Intergalactichydrogen.

"This knowledge belongs to the people." ~Tai

Although these are hardly what you could consider, "new" technologies, the newness will be in their ability to be made into safe and viable alternatives, on a mass-level. I've found that most of what the average person thinks that they know about hydrogen sources... (Are myths)...

~Some of these Hydrogen sources might be good alternatives..

Our developmental incentive is both personal and economical, even as President Bush affirms our need to move from dependence on resources, to self-reliant alternatives...Who can deny that transportation using an alternative fuel source, remains one of the most crucial and essential factors towards development and survival in the world today.

Here's the inventor below, who will be tackling the upgrades and alternatives which will provide positive impact to the nation's transportation industry...
Many new changes to look forward to...

H2 N-Gen™ by Innovative Hydrogen Solutions:
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[Inventor Tom Bodgers: The electrolysis unit in vehicles]

"Not any one company can serve this market"...Tom.

~See a film which outlines this technology…(Click-link)
~ Read more at their company website...
~Picnic at Basil's..
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