Valentines Day Observed

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There are several versions: From St. Valentine's Day, to ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia (celebrated Feb. 15th!) Of course setting aside inaccuracies, change of Equinox, etc… If you go with both, you have an extra day!

With may adaptations, it is whatever you make it..(or nothing at all.)
Your free choice...

-Via Jay
-Bernama: Valentine was an enemy (of Muslims)
Huala Terenggnu Feb 13 -Bernama -Muslims in the country, especially lovers, have been advised not to celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow.

State Islam Hadhari Development Committee Deputy Chairman, Muhammad Ramli Nuh said celebrating the Day could be regarded as recognizing the enemies of Islam because Valentine or Valentinus took part in planning and attacking Cordoba, once a well-known centre of Islam in Spain, causing its downfall.

He was speaking to reporters after opening the seminar on Understanding of Tasawwuf Nusantara at Universiti Darul Iman, Malaysia, here, today.

Muhammad Ramli said although not many couples celebrate Valentine's Day in the state, the state government wished to remind that the celebration should not be held including in hotels.
He reminded hotel managements to be sensitive to the religious beliefs of the people. more..

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