Hillary Touts Parallelism

Not missing an opportunity, the former first lady-N.Y. Senator offers up a parallel to the most recent Cheney accident, as a very troubling event that goes back years.
What we find far more troubling...
(here at Mensa Barbie Welcomes You).. is not necessarily "using an unfortunate accident to blend in with your political program"...
It is 'issuing a formal criticism before collecting the facts'...

The Vice President's office issued two brief written statements acknowledging Sunday's shooting, and with interests in accuracy, the incident was placed
(in detail) on his website. Additional Statement at FOX...

Progress update: Whittington (the V.P. friend of 30 years) is doing fine, though was moved back into the intensive care unit because of concerns for his privacy.
(And we won't even go into detail about how Hillary feels about privacy.)

-Cheney interview by Brit Hume:
~As always, Expose the left has video -
~Wizbang's: Debunking Cheneygate Myths.
~Atlas Shrugs: How many cartoons will they kill?

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