Civil Liberties for Terror?

How can convicted terrorists, supporters, and their cells use American Civil Liberties?? We are learning more and more each day about how the ACLU has been representing, and clearing a path for them, by creating possibility of court challenge over NSA…
Article by: Jay...
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Why does the ACLU seek FOIA files on the NSA Surveillance program? Perhaps this can shed a little light on the subject.

We could all see this coming...

Article Excerpt:
...It is no suprise that yesterday, Faris’ lawyer asked a Federal judge to throw out his case due to the fact that he was spied on.

Iyman Faris' challenge is among the first to seek evidence of warrantless electronic eavesdropping by the National Security Agency, a practice that began after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Government officials have reportedly credited the practice with uncovering Faris' terrorist plot and several others.

A motion filed by Faris' attorney David Smith in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., argues that investigators improperly obtained evidence against Faris and that his trial lawyer was ineffective.

Given the likelihood that Faris' phone conversations or e-mails had been electronically monitored, Faris' trial lawyer, Frederick Sinclair, should have asked for evidence of such surveillance, Smith said in the motion. Continue...
~Jay: Stop the ACLU

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