Challenging the Ethics...

[A/P: "Cruelty-free"Make-up kits]
~Actress and PETA activist Pammy Anderson holding one of her heart-shaped "cruelty-free" make-up kits. Formerly from "Baywatch"...and an outspoken animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson: "A challenge for Colonel Sanders Co; in his home state." (AFP/File -1-13; 6:07 PM ET
"Protecting animals from cosmetics testing is very good cause... But, some (below) take it way too far"-MB

"I don't have the slightest idea the scoop, here.
(Red hands for impact?")-MB
~ Get a closer look! click-here.

[capt.sge.adi | monteal]
~ Get a closer look! click-here.
"Actually, the people in the background, are priceless!".....MB

"Ok.. here's the last one...Total insane!!
(And, no way I'm putting this on my blog!)
(Maybe just a tiny pic; (enlarge at your own risk)....


Dr. Sanity hosts, The
Carnival of the Insanities!
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It’s Don Surber’s,
Carnival of the Celebrities#4!
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