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Meet the Fighters from Kabul: Circia: 1988-
(After withdrawal of Russia)

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History has recorded Mikhail Gorbachev's withdrawal of troops (from Soviet occupied Afghanistan) as: "Due to social pressure i.e.: costs, deaths of 15,000 Soviet soldiers...In what they called:
"an unwinnable war"...
So Russia was "freed up" with their (1988) peace accords, anti-war fractions "rejoiced"...and by 1989, Russia not only withdrew from Afghanistan, but began a withdraw from Global Competition...
~So everything was just fine, then... right?
It also marked Saddam's use of mass chemical Warfare, to prevent the Kurd (and Iran) successes with newly secured Northern territory. Saddam ordered Iraqi planes to drop chemical weapons mercilessly upon Halabja, and near-by villages...
~For the skeptics: Saddam's "signed" proof is circulating at the Pentagon for public release...soon...
~So what matter was Iraq's chemical warfare, we were after Bin Laden?
~Just a little something he'd have given thousands of our Int'l troops, during the oust of the Taliban; 2002.
Let's step back, and view what happened when Russia left Afghanistan (1989)
~Peace in Afghanistan was short-lived as the rebel's victory exposed deep divisions within the Mujahideen. Millions of Afghans were dead or displaced;
Soon a refugee crisis, of more than 1 million, fled into Iran and Pakistan. Civil war quickly started again, and the country rapidly plunged into violent anarchy.
It was at this time (94-96) which brought forth the birth and rise of of the Taliban's brutal militia (Pashtun Islamic fundamentalists.)
Also: Bin Ladin’s training camps, the bombing of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (98) desecration of Buddhist monuments, and finally the mastermind efforts which tragically took lives...(9-11; 2001) on US soil...

~In the early years, UN-brokered peace, banned arms sales to Taliban forces, U.S. issued threats, with random attacks... This did not advert, nor address. What was looming in the background was a greater threat than man's eyes could see... None-the-less, this was a chapter at which is written into history, and cannot be changed...
As President Bush visits Kabul this week, it is entirely evident that Afghanistan and Iraq will always require 'stabilization' and the World's watchful eye. But curiously enough, the one equation that was never accurately figured by the opposition... Afghans, and Iraqis want Peace and a decent shot at life, for their children..

And by all determination, and friends...They WILL =(click)
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