Botero Gone Abu Ghraib

[Slice of Fernando Botero-98]

I had received my first painting from the collection of:
Colombian born painter Botero, at nineteen years of age,
and since that time.. I've collected various small and
large pieces of his priceless and brilliant work!!

I can always feel the love and good thought
which inspired these pieces, as
it flows through my home...

~Humm, It's been over three years since I've looked at pieces...

Google search: Ahhhhh!!!! {{{{ scream }}}}

I can't believe what I just found!!!

[Fernando Botero; Paris-05]
Abu Ghraib painting Series

~How could it be that I did not know about this?!

I'm reading here, that this collection has grown to perhaps...
'HUNDREDS' of torture and abuse paintings!

"While offenders at Abu Ghraib have been swiftly prosecuted
and sentenced, it is hoped that (in time) the actions of a
few who have disgraced our country, will heal. How sad it is
to trap these things that need to heal into frozen archives
(which will never heal.)

(view pieces: -Warning: May offend)
Abu Ghraib series-click-)

Had to look?
Now view his nice work-click
(To recover! :)
(Be sure to click to enlarge
his "nice pieces" at this link)

NOTE- (Site is in Spanish)
Here are a couple of key translations:

"I do not have the smaller intention to sell them. I will
show them where they invite to me to expose, hopefully in
the United States. It is not necessary to forget that the
great majority of the North American condemns the practice
of the torture. The press of that country has permanently
denounced the facts happened in Abu Ghraib."
-Fernando Botero

Another translation...

"No one would have ever remembered the horrors
of Guernica if not for the painting," said Botero,
(referring to Pablo Picasso's masterpiece 'Guernica,'
which depicts the aerial bombardment of civilians
during the Spanish Civil War."
-Fernando Botero
~DS and the C of the I
~Wizbang's: Carnival LII...

The Owner's Manual:
Presents, the:
Best of me Symphony #127!

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