The Race to Save Lives

[Aziz; Bush special U.N. envoy]

Islamabad| Jan 17-18 -Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz shows his appreciation to Senior Bush (special U.N. envoy for the South Asian quake) for all he has done to aid Pakistan earthquake victims.

The former President continues to work hard to encourage international donors to follow through on aid pledges, and for the early release of funds before the severe winter weather sets in.

Forced to cancel a trip to the quake zone Tuesday, due to bad weather; Bush toured a tent camp for about 30,000 survivors in Islamabad, instead...

Refusing to comment on Bajaur incident saying he was not involved in the anti-terror war, however added that the warmth of Pak-US relations will remain intact.

Meanwhile... The groups continue to snarl...
[Activists: Muttahida Majilis-e-Amal ]

Wow, this slogan looks so familiar!
(That can't be Adam Sandler and Billy Bob Thornton!)

"I want to know why they don't put those picket signs down and help deliver supplies to save the tens of thousands of women and children that may very well freeze to death as the weather continues to deteriorate!"

The United Nations: Operating seven helicopters, including two CH-47 Chinooks, is going full power, as they pray for good weather. They still fall short of the $550 million needed, to keep projects running at full capacity.
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