The New Saudi Pioneer

Interesting bits of information; Saudi Arabia |Wednesday, 18 January 2006, 13:03 GMT

Today I see these women as Pioneers towards the realization of their own importance and abilities. Where the wage of disobedience is sometimes death, they will always be remembered as historians, and women with a cause.

~On land!...Saudi woman defies law to save husband at wheel!
~In the skies!...Saudi woman forbidden to drive; so she flies!
~Invincible!...First female bank employee in the kingdom!

"King Abdullah has made the promotion of women in society a priority of Saudi Arabia's 2005-2009 development plan, but the authorities have emphasized it will have to be in line with what they see as the principles of Islam"

"We can help to put an end to oppression (anywhere in the world) by speaking up! This is essential, in parts of the globe where those lack the safety to do so, on their own"...M.B.

According to a AFP/bbc news source...
This is exactly what, "Foreign Minister Laila Freivald did, when she told parliament on Tuesday that it was important for Sweden to speak out clearly on discrimination against women and that this was a "good occasion"...

It was involving what we would consider in free societies, something rather trivial...(below) To the Saudi woman, it was immense!

The Story:

Together with Swedish diplomats, who represent one of the world's leading nations on gender equality, they confronted Saudi authorities; in accordance with Swedish football association, to voice strong objection to the ban which forbids Saudi women to watch the upcoming football match, in the capital of Riyadhon, this Wednesday.

"Now lifted, for the first time in the history of Islam... A ban that will allow Saudi women attendance to the upcoming match in the capital, Riyadh!"

As Saudi Arabia's powerful religious conservators remain extremely wary of any attempt to chip away at the restriction on women, Sweden's intervention effected this reverse decision by Saudi authorities last week!
[AF: They are going to the game!]

Facts: Swedish women represent 45% of the in parliamentary MPs, and (according to May 2005 assessments) are placed the highest in the world on gender equality.
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