Josephine (1796)

[Marie-Josephe-Rose-Josephine; J. David-1804]
Throughout the 17th century, both the world of slavery and Rights of Women were a topic of the day.
The Coronation of Napoleon (1804) was a world-historic event...However, in-between- several wars... the country was bankrupt. First, the grand firm in France, then its branches in Spain and Italy; twice. Religious slavery held that world in the fetters of political servitude.

A little something that history does not tell you:

It was Josephine's emphatic and impetuous Love of jewelry, which very well may have changed the course of history. (Josephine, the wife of Napoleon- 1796).

SCENE: DATE: 1804 - Josephine greets Napoleon, though her disdain for wearing the same old gaudy jewels, coupled with daily confiscations and burnings of her manuscripts, the tragic execution of friend of her family (author Olympe de Gouges) in 1793, and the reduction of her castle servants...was much-too much, to contain...

She did what any logical woman (under such circumstance) would do...

Napoleon: "Now, now, my dear sweet Josephine...Forever what troubles thee?..
"The Coronation is the best (and inevitably, last) good day of my Life."

Josephine: "You must convert all my jewels a-new, enable more independence for women, hire a political accountant, reduce your vile wars, support the rights of Haiti, and give my maids pay."

The proof that Josephine changed the course of History:

In 1805: Thomas Malthus, a financial political accountant was consigned (luckily for Josephine, he was about more than the production and distribution of material wealth, and favored unlimited jewelry renewal.) The maids went on the payroll, and Napoleon left Haiti.

(It did get a little ugly in the end, but hey...)


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