To New Heights

A new World Balloon Altitude Record !

The height: 70,000 feet (21,200 metres)
Impossible’ (MI-70K) lifted off at the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai
piloted by 67-year-old Vijaypat Singhania... serenaded by a band!

The size of which was equivalent to an 18-storied building. The aviator opted to stop short of his 70,000-foot target when his red, yellow and blue checkered balloon hit a cold air pocket. Singhania touched down in Sinnar Township, some 250km from Mumbai.

The technical team at the Mumbai racecourse monitoring Singhania’s five-hour flight said his balloon touched 69,852 feet (21,167 metres). (Flight was housed in a pressurized capsule through sub-zero temperatures) and according to British aviation expert Colin Prescot, who helped to design the 158-foot balloon — "The flight went like clockwork."

History was made!....

~Prior record: Swedish aviator Per Lindstrand in 1988 (over state of Texas)
~Some 17 aviators have previously tried to eclipse Lindstrand’s record.

~Read an interesting: Teacher's Guide for Aerospace! Civil Air Patrol(pdf)

A Little Trivia: Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, which was 300 years before his manuscripts of flying machines were published...
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