Chiming Not Charming

(Enter-Image) Krizia Couture: ..for a kiss of holiday colors

"Could have saved herself a lot of trouble with accessories, had she just chosen the right lipstick ;-)...Feel free to chime in on this with me"...M.B.

Thanks! :)))

Well, if Beth at my rw Conspiracy thinks Hilton is an idiot... well, this is pretty much where Paris is headed... :) And speaking of lipstick...haha Diane's stuff posted a "how-to"...So.. put on your lipstick (unless n/a) and go on over to find out: how-to do "what"... (Found this at a brilliant writer's site, after hours, of course.)
One always looks more beautiful while laughing, so go read some funny finds over at Conservative Cat!. Oh, also.. check out some finds at Peakah's.

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